Arbor Opera Theater tries to make it's audition process as enjoyable and productive as possible. We see it as an opportunity to help singers hone their skill at this necessary "cog" in the performing arts. We try to provide as much information as possible so that you can prepare a stellar audition that will show us all of your potential. We provide written assessment for those artists who would like to receive positive critiques of their auditions, and try to make sure that each artist is heard. Even if you don't think you are ready to take center stage, we still encourage you to take advantage of our audition dates and practice this skill in front of a nurturing and accomplished panel of music professionals.


Saturday-Sunday, February 18-19, 2017

Westminster Presbyterian Church
1500 Scio Church Road, Ann Arbor, MI 48103
734.761.9320 (church phone)

  • Fill out the online audition form
  • Review and prepare the repertoire suggestions below
  • Send a résumé and headshot to
  • Bring 2 résumés and your music for the pianist
  • Pay $25 fee through Paypal or cash/credit check made out to Arbor Opera Theater at audition site
  • Pianist provided (but you can bring your own)
  • Ample free parking at audition site
  • Two warm up rooms provided
  • Multiple restrooms where you may change

While not a requirement, we strongly suggest that you follow these repertoire suggestions. They are selected to give the audition panel the vocal and dramatic information they need to cast the roles. If this is new repertoire to you, feel free to use music, but bring an aria that showcases the best of your abilities to lead with.


Suor Angelica: "Senza mamma," an additional Italian aria, and excerpt starting the 9th bar after Rehearsal #64 ("Sorelle, son lieta, son lieta") up to Rehearsal #66
Principessa: "Nel silenzio" and one additional Italian aria
Remaining characters: one aria in Italian


Tosca: "Vissi d'arte," one additional Italian aria, and Act II excerpts starting at Rehearsal #16 (just the phrase "Or volt quest'uman inno di gloria a te!") and starting two bars before Rehearsal #36 ("No! no! ah, ah, Ah! Più non posso!") up to Rehearsal #37
Mario: "Recondita armonia" and "E lucevan le stelle"
Scarpia: "Ha più forte sapore" and one additional Italian aria
Remaining characters: one aria in Italian


If you skipped over the intro paragraph, go back and read it now, as it fills you in on our philosophy. This company was started by singers for singers, so we want to make sure everyone understands we are on the same team!

Below are the details on what the artistic committee is looking for in the audition process. Follow these guidelines and you're sure to catch their attention. But more than anything, show us you; professional, courteous, talented, passionate singing artist you!


These are the baseline standards which are here to let you know if you're ready to audition for a MainStage role. Remember that these standards apply to the role for which you are auditioning. (think Tosca v. the Abbess in Suor Angelica) And if you are looking for an audition experience, but aren’t sure if you’re ready for a role, select the “I’m auditioning for comments only” option in the online audition form.

  • Technically secure
    (intonation, ability to stay in the resonance, control of the range required for the role)
  • Artistically expressive
    (musically and dramatically – have a clear viewpoint and interpretation)

NOTE: You’ll have a raised “stage” space (approximately 8’ x 8’) in which to work, and we encourage you to use as much of the space as your interpretation requires.

  • Start with your best piece
  • Bring legible and assembled music
  • Wear attire that is professional and draws attention to one of your most important singing assets: your face! (And as much as we love fashion, if your ensemble is more stunning than your performance, we all have a problem. We want to focus on you, so don’t distract us!)
  • When people say “be yourself” (including us), be aware that you have to choose which version of yourself you’re going to be. You at the beach with friends is likely different than you at your voice lesson or at a family gathering, etc. Think about what the artistic staff and audition panel would be looking for – a person who is professional, well prepared, friendly, and can deliver the vocal/dramatic goods. We are auditioning the person as well as the singer.
  • Ask. If you need something, ask. It’s the Midwest and we like to be friendly and help people. (At least as a general rule.)
  • Maestro Warren Puffer Jones will be attending the auditions through technology
  • If you are ill or need to cancel, we do accept video (preferred) and audio recordings
  • If you are outside a reasonable traveling distance we will also accept video and audio recordings

We do accept recorded audition submissions for those who live outside reasonable traveling distance to Ann Arbor. If you are unable to attend our live auditions, please send recordings of the repertoire suggestions along with a résumé and headshot to Please be sure to fill out the online application form as well so we have a record of your interest. We will be accepting recordings through March 1, 2017.


Audition fee ($25)

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