New Verismo


America The Beautiful

Essential Series

These productions are designed to delight new and long time opera buffs alike. Classic operas presented in a classic style - all of beauty and drama you expect, with no extra "hook" or "gimmick." Like the little black dress - you can't go wrong and everyone looks good in it.

New Verismo

Verismo means "realism in the arts," and was coined in the late 19th century to refer to a new movement in opera that told stories about regular people in extraordinary circumstances. Arbor Opera is hoping to start a new trend with it's English adaptation of La Traviata, which we are calling "New Verismo." We are taking classic operas, distilling the story to its essence and then dressing them in modern English and focusing the story on social issues currently facing our modern world. If the "Essential Series" is the little black dress, this is runway haute couture!


Intimate, thought-provoking, emotional. For those of you who like more than just distraction, we encourage you to explore one of our cabarets. Always entertaining and engaging, this is your opportunity to feel the thrill of live performance in the most visceral way.


Innovative...scrappy...homey. From opera to musical theater, we have a unique voice that continues to shape the artistic landscape. This series brings back the best of our past and champions the creation of new works.

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