Make a Gift

Yes, you can make a difference. Just by being you and supporting the things that matter to the ARTS!

If you believe (as we do) that the arts are a vital part of civilization, express the deepest of human longings and questions, and help us to see our world with fresh eyes, then welcome to our family!

You can help us out by telling your friends about our unique performances and events, and encouraging them to join you on this adventure.

You can help us out EVEN MORE by making a financial contribution. 100% of your TAX-DEDUCTIBLE contribution goes to producing the art you see onstage. And not only is pretty incredible art, but you're also helping the superstars of tomorrow gain valuable skills and stage time. It's way better than American Idol or The Voice...our peeps not only possess amazing instruments, they've already spent most of their lives practicing and studying so that they can produce gorgeous, amazing art. The kind of experiences that don't only entertain, but inspire and uplift...and let's be honest, in 2016 we could use a little more inspiration and uplifting (none of us are getting any younger!)

You can do it the ol' fashioned way, by mailing a check made out to "Arbor Opera Theater" to the following address:

Arbor Opera Theater
PO Box 8055
Ann Arbor, MI 48107

You can also click on the button below to make a donation via paypal. ↓

Thank you for making a difference. Your contribution, no matter how small is making the world a better, more beautiful place to exist.

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